I know I’m not alone when I say that life has a way of keeping me busy. I’m a speech therapist with a full workload. I own and run a private clinic, and I have two (soon to be three) kids.


A common plea to the heavens is to grant me more hours in the day. So while I’m waiting for that to happen, I rely on things that help me do more with less (time and money).


Teletherapy is one of those “lifesaving hacks” that has seriously saved me. Nearly 80% of my clients are seen online; saving me travel time, daycare expenses, and lost revenue on no-shows or cancellations.


So when other speech therapists ask me if I’d recommend teletherapy for their practice, my answer is a resounding YES!


Why I highly recommend teletherapy for you (and your clients)


Whether you’re an independent therapist, work for a school, or own a clinic, teletherapy can work for you (and your clients).


  1. See more clients. I’ve talked to therapists who have a full-time job but want to see more clients. With teletherapy, your clients can live in other time zones (once you’re licensed in their state) so you can offer sessions that fit your schedule. I have a client in Mongolia, so with the time difference, I put the kids to bed and can squeeze in a session in my “free time.”
  1. Earn more money. Working for a company that offers teletherapy is a great way to get started. But offering teletherapy for your own clients (even just on the side) means you keep more of the money you earn. And, like I said, as a clinic owner I’ve been able to offer teletherapy to parents who’ve called in saying they can’t make their child’s appointment so I’ve captured that revenue that I would’ve otherwise lost.
  1. Change things up. Maybe you’re just looking for a change. And why not try something that’s super flexible–the kind of flexible that allows you to work from home…in your pajama bottoms if want!
  1. Offer added convenience. Teletherapy isn’t just convenient for you. Imagine being the mom running her three kids around town to practice and appointments all before getting dinner on the table. What mother wouldn’t want the option to stay home? Or the elderly patient who’s easily worn out by the stress of driving to an appointment. It just makes sense for so many of your clients.
  1. Save money. If you’re traveling a lot or renting out an office space for your clinic, you can kiss those expenses good-bye. All you need for teletherapy is your computer, internet, a good headphone system (and a nice blouse, since that’s all they’ll see).


New tools and better technology help you work smarter…not harder.


Teletherapy has come a long way. New technology and online resources are improving how we’re able to deliver our services in a more effective and HIPAA compliant way.


So my advice to you, from one therapist (even mother and clinic owner) to another, is to take advantage of it. It’s another avenue that’ll help you grow your practice, earn more money, and help more clients. It really is a win-win for everyone!

Mckell Smith MS,CCC-SLP

CEO and Founder of theraV